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The business of art: sell, sell, sell

Yes, there are other ways to make an art income, including teaching, writing, designing for others, etc, but for many people, sales is the backbone. If you're really serious about making your living from your art, sales will most likely figure into the mix somehow.

Alyson Stanfield has an absolutely excellent series called The first four steps towards selling your art. She is careful to say that these things aren't all you have to do, but they are the way to get started. Read through this series, and realize that if you are not willing to do these things, you can forget about having a successful art career. I'm giving you the link to part four above, because it links to all the previous steps. I fear that some of the people I talk to (not any of you!) would never make it past Alyson's step one, which is to develop a regular and unshakable studio practice.  They want to be an artist without actually making art...go figure!

For those who are selling through Etsy, Ryan Olbe has come up with a wonderful little Etsy fee calculator tool that you can use online to help you calculate how much you're going to actually make from that sale. As well, it functions in reverse to help you decide how much you need to charge in order to reap a certain profit. Thanks much, Ryan! (via Elaine Luther)

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