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Introducing Polymer Clay Month!

Making Polymer Clay Beads: Step-by-Step Techniques for Creating Beautiful Ornamental Beads  

I love looking at polymer clay work a lot more than I actually like doing it!  Sad, but true.  I have enough basic skills to be able to come up with some nice pieces from time to time, and I actually have worked on my basic skills quite a bit.  But I'll never be a pro at it the way some of the artists are that I'll be profiling this month! 

So how about you?  I've always got room for more.  If you make polymer clay jewelry and would like to share your work or a tutorial here, please email me at cyndi @ (remove the spaces) and tell me about it.  Beginners and seasoned artisans like are welcome! 

Polymer Clay Beads: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration

Ancient Modern: Polymer Clay + Wire Jewelry 

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