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Fashion trends and magazines

Not everyone who makes artisan jewelry bothers to follow the fashion trends, but a number of us do.  Even if it's just to keep up with what are the hot colors or what shape necklines are coming up, paying attention to fashion can greatly increase your sales. But I'm not here to convince you to do it, just to report on what I've found ;-)

Fashion Trendsetter has lots of articles about fashion trends.  Here are two I specifically found helpful: where they come from and how the magazines decide which to cover.  Both posts are interesting reading if you like to keep up with the catwalk.

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Very interesting, Cyndi. Thank you.

I'm not looking forward to the predicted "Eccentric" spring/summer 2010. Whoa! Did you get a look at those photos???
Cyndi L said…
Yeah, but those are past! I like what's coming up for spring/summer 2011 :-)
Unknown said…
Interesting read. I love fashion. :)