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Question of the month: What's the best art supply you've bought recently?


Early in the summer, I got to go out junking with my favorite cousin.  My biggest score for the trip was a jar full of  brightly colored (mostly plastic) buttons.  If you are going to work with plastic, it needs to be BRIGHT, or else hey, why bother?  :-)  I also bought the vintage enameled pin since it had the right colors to match some of the more gaudy buttons.  I rarely work in true yellow and orange, so this piece was a challenge.  What do you think of the name?  Is it too obvious?

We can use the new Beading Arts Community page to discuss this.  You can post your own favorite find there and directly upload a picture of what you found or what you made with it (or simply leave a link to where we can see it).  Leave a link to your site or blog, of course, because I'm sure you've got more goodies that we'll want to ooooh and aaaaah over too ;-)

If you don't want to post your picture there, you can just send me an email with your story and any image you'd like to share, and I'll post it here with a link to your site or blog :-) Email cyndi @ (remove the spaces) with the subject line "my best find".

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