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More on writing for jewelry magazines

I get a lot out of reading the blog All Freelance Writing.  Ringleader Jenn Mattern is the one who inspired me to finally get going on the e-book, Every Bead Has a Story, that I'd been thinking about for years.  Except that I hadn't really been considering doing it as an e-book until I started reading her blog regularly.

Jenn has a whole stable of brilliant (and funny) friends who write with her.  One of the topics that they cover is writing for magazines.  I've previously posted a list (which may need some updating at this point) of submission guidelines for many beading and jewelry magazines.  Before you launch into pitching your new project to any of the magazines on this list, I would suggest that you read through these posts on All Freelance Writing first!  While you're there, subscribe to the blog if you are serious about writing.

When it comes to magazines, guidelines are rules by Catherine L Tully

A sample query letter - that works! by Chris Bibey

Getting past query rejection by Catherine L Tully

A sample query letter - that fails! by Clint Osterholz

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