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Polymer clay artist: Ann Kruglak

I was so thrilled that Ann was able to share her work with us.  Not only does she make gorgeous wearables, but she has also pushed the boundaries of polymer clay in other mixed media art pursuits.  Wait till you read just what Ann does with her artwork:  

Art connects me to my spiritual center, and the greater Mystery of the universe. I treasure beauty (in nature and art and all it’s forms) as a gift that infuses my life with meaning, joy, wonder and gratitude. By creating art, I work to bring more beauty into the world, in hopes of sharing these gifts with others.

I created Mystic Dreamer: Art for the Earth as a service project, to donate 100% of proceeds to the World Land Trust as a way of giving back to the Earth. My deepest hope is that my art will inspire others to bring their gifts of service into the world.

I discovered polymer clay in early 2008, and have found it a compelling and amazingly versatile medium. I have created well over 200 pieces in the last two years, and am just hitting my stride. My Anemone Teapot won 1st Place for sculpture in the 2008 International Polymer Clay Association competition and I have participated in several juried exhibits.

I am eager to discover what new learning and growth this creative path offers me in the future, and what new opportunities for expression and service emerge from it.

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Ann's story is inspiring! It means a lot to the growth of the polymer clay industry, to have artist's like her, pushing the boundaries of the medium. Attaching her work to a meaningful cause makes it even more important. Thanks Cindy for sharing Ann's work with us!
Cindy Lietz said…
Sorry Cyndi, I think I spelled your name wrong in the last comment. Easy mistake since my name is so similar. ;-)
Cyndi L said…
LOL! I know...I almost misspelled yours the last time I wrote to you :-)
Heather said…
What wonderful creations, love the bright colors on black and the sculptural pieces arre fascinating. I will have to visit this artist's blog- thanks for the introduction Cynci.