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Polymer clay artist: Dayle Doroshow

I'm thrilled to be able to bring Dayle Doroshow's polymer clay work to your attention again!  Dayle is a prolific artist who doesn't rest on her past accomplishments!  I know you would enjoy a visit to her colorful and joyful website, where she shows both her wearables and non-wearables.  Dayle writes: 

I live in a redwood forest in northern California, a place of natural beauty with an active and supportive artist community. My growing up years in Florida were spent either at the ballet studio or taking craft classes at the local recreation center. Ballet instilled in me determination and those early craft classes- a love of learning and experimenting with all craft mediums.

I have always been intrigued and excited by the mystery of ancient cultures. Dreams of archaeological ruins and travels to far off places have influenced my artwork from the time of my studies in traditional ceramics in New York City to my current work. I create each piece from hand-mixed colored clays and use a variety of techniques including carving, etching, Millefiore cane work and imitative techniques. Recently I have been intrigued with textures and surfaces, color blends and integrating polymer clay with textiles, papers, metals and found objects. This exploration has led to new ideas in book arts, textile mosaics and sculptural jewelry.

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