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Calls for entries and submissions

Mama's Minerals Online Beading Contest
Deadline: 10/27/10

Haute Handbags
Deadline: 11/15/10 

Deadline: 11/22/10

Saul Bell Emerging Artists 2011
Deadline: 12/03/10

Wearable Art Awards 2011
Deadline: 12/10/10

Altered Couture 
Deadline: 12/15/10

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Steve said…
Just a quick note to let everyone know that we've extended the entry deadline for our beading contest to October 27. Response to the contest has been a bit slow, so the plus side for YOU is that your competition for this contest at this point is pretty low. So if you'd like to enter, be sure to do so soon!

Here's the link again to the online contest entry page:
Cyndi L said…
I'll change it on the post, Steve!