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Polymer clay artist: Lisa Mackin

I know you are going to enjoy a visit with Lisa Mackin at either Boston Baked Beads or Boston Baked Blog. Her sites are just overflowing with joyful colors and shapes of lovely polymer clay pendants, beads, and finished pieces!  Lisa writes:

I am a polymer clay jewelry artist. My background is in graphic design and illustration but when the economy tanked so did my freelance business. I always enjoyed playing around with polymer clay but didn't get into jewelry until a few years ago. A friend of mine was wearing a vintage metal pin and I was inspired to make my own version. About two years ago I needed a subject for a website I was required to build for a class so that's really when I began my business. I've learned lots of different techniques and have had fun developing my own. At the moment I have an Etsy shop, sell through my own site, do home parties and craft shows. Slowly I'm watching my skills as a polymer clay artist and entrepreneur develop and I'm having a ball in the process.

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