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Polymer clay artist: Hunter Reynolds

Lexn7th is the name of Hunter Reynold's Artfire shop.  Like many of us, Hunter is self-taught and is now fortunate enough to be making jewelry full time!  Hunter writes:

I have been working with clay for about 6 yrs now and like most artists who experiment with it, am now obsessed with it.  I didn't attend school for clay making, but a friend of mine was getting married and wanted something different in the way of corsages for her mother and in-law. She gave me the job and I decided to experiment with clay. They were a huge hit and not only did I get hooked, I also got an instant client list. I am now a full time artist creating one off pieces and custom jewelry from polymer clay and many other mediums as well. I will try any technique at least once and when I find techniques that really speak to me and seem to just flow, I try to see how far I can push it to create something new and different.

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Anonymous said…
Cyndi, thank you so much for featuring my work,this was a real thrill for me.
Cyndi L said…
Thank *you* for sharing your work with us!