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My newest obsession: lava


On Monday I showed you a couple of pendants that I wire wrapped, using roughly polished lava beads.  Well, that was only the beginning of my obsession with lava.  We visited Volcanoes National Park during our February trip to Hawai'i and spent an amazing day hiking and scrambling over lava fields that just blew my mind.  I would have loved to have spent many more days at the park.   

None of the lava pieces that you will see in my work came from the Park: all National Parks forbid taking anything from them when you leave, other than your own trash, so please don't view my pictures and tutorials as excuses to break the law.  There are plenty of places that you can legally collect rock specimens for your personal use.  I just want to show you a few pictures so you can get some idea of why this stuff appeals to me so much...or maybe you can't understand it at all  :-)

Getting majorly sunburned down in the caldera and not caring.  A redhead who's allergic to sunscreen...great!

Looks kind of like a parking lot after an earthquake

What I made when I got back home

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LavaLampwork said…
Aw Cyndi, I wish I had known you were coming here. I live 4 miles from the entrance to the park and I would have loved to meet you and maybe showed you around a bit. I'm a board member of the Volcano Art Center (the gallery in the park). The volcano is very awe inspiring, isn't it? Maybe you would have like to see my lampworking studio. I've been a long time follower of yours. Please keep in touch if you plan to come back. Kindest Alohas, Patricia (LavaLampwork)
Cyndi L said…
Patricia, I am totally heartbroken that I didn't know you were so close by! I would have loved to have met you and YES, double YES to seeing your glass studio! Mine is in my kitchen ;-)
The jewelry you made with the lava rock is gorgeous. Powerful energy in that rock!