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Artist Profile: Cheri Platter

Artist: Cheri Platter
Business name: Faerie Hollow Studio
Website: Cheri Platter

Cheri, how did you get started and what prompted you to begin working in metal clay?
I have been working in porcelain and Stoneware Clay as a production potter for 30 years. Doing art shows in the Midwest I have always admired jewelers and traded for many fine pieces. As I get older the idea of lifting 50 grams of silver or bronze clay compared to lifting 50 lb boxes of a one ton order of porcelain moved me to take a beginners class three years ago in Whiteland, IN and I was hooked immediately to the precious metal clay medium.

What about your craft inspires you?
Like the process of pottery where there is always something different to be made, new glazes to try, and tools to use, the process of precious metal clay is very similar and some methods exactly the same…. but in smaller scale.  This alone could inspire me along with my original love of jewelry.

What makes your work original?
Once again I can use my love of nature (porcelain pottery was painted with sumi-e style original floral designs) can be used in construction of the silver and bronze clay.
Leaves from my garden can be pressed into the soft clay and processed into earrings and pendants.
Flowing designs from nature are captured by pencil and transferred to the silver and bronze clay.
I was quoted in: Home and Lifestyles of Central Indiana Magazine article of December 2009 as saying: “Whatever I want to do, I make it happen.”

Tell us about the Indiana Artisan program.
I applied for the medium of clay last year and like the direction the organization is going and wanted the new medium of precious metal clays to be accepted also. I feel the website and the shows that Indiana Artisan are promoting in the coming years will be beneficial to our art society and long overdue in this state.  Receiving the Indiana Artisan designation would mean that I have been judged by a panel of my piers to standards that I would approve. Plus it will make me very happy if I am accepted!!!

What else takes up your time?
I have been Executive Director of the Brown County Studio Tours 6 years, before that President for 4 years and Secretary for two years.  I believe in the value of the general public visiting studios to see how Indiana’s Artists still live and work in traditional ways.

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