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Metal clay artist: Delia Marsellos-Traister

Artist: Delia Marsellos-Traister
Location: Altadena CA
Business: Phoenix Designs

Cherish is a fine silver ring, sized 10, stamp-textured and the word Cherish is across the plate that holds a Frozen Charlotte in a sitting position with her hand on her heart - she has a bit of color that I added with Prisma, patina of liver of sulfur, sealed. It's a long story of back and forth emails AND she was created post a 'challenge' I received from Lora Hart . . . to create what I love, rather than try to create what I thought would sell.

Opal Essence Is a fine silver pendant with 24kt Accent Gold, a rough opal center piece and natural rough rubies on the back. This piece represents my first effort at something more dimensional and post fire setting.

Moodies is a trio shot of a line of pendants I created. The pendants are each about an inch tall created from fine silver and and embed with synthetic sapphire features. I'd like to say that not all my pieces have a story, but I'd be lying. The original pendant which is not shown, was created in a fury of 'things-gone-wrong-in-the-shop-day'. I was creating pieces for an upcoming show and things were breaking, greenware was flying . . . OY! I needed something to workout that day, so I was testing the waters with this new cutter, rolled out a 5 card thickness, literally plunged stones into it, slapped some coils on the top for "hair", quick dried it, slapped a 'hidden' bail on the back and VOILA, after a quick dry in the dehydrator and a fine in the kiln the first Moodie was born - because I was in such a mood. I now create these by special order as earrings and pendants with birthstone eyes!

Photography credit for the above photos goes to Marsha Thomas;

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