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Metal clay artist: Lis-el Crowley

Artist: Lis-el Crowley
Heart of the Fire

Creative expression is right up there with eating, sleeping and breathing in my world. I am always looking for new ways to express my own creative energy and to help others express theirs. I find Metal Clay to be a fabulous medium for both established artists/artisans and people who feel creatively challenged. It's adaptable to a vast array of styles and techniques and almost anyone can create something they can be truly proud of. In addition to metal clay, I work as a potter, fused glass artisan, fiber artist and zentangle doodler as well as teaching others to do all of the above. I own and run a small artisan gallery in Windsor, CT where I teach classes and showcase my work and the work of other fine local artisans.

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WindyRiver said…
Gorgeous work! I love all of them!
metal beads said…
WOW! very nice, the color is so elegant. I wish I could have one with this and be able to do this for my own. Accessories made of metal beads looks just so fantastic!