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Jewelry artist: Jessica Lillie

Artist: Jessica Lillie
Website: Lil Bitty

Jessica writes:

My jewelry encapsulates bringing the past to the present and into the future. The tools I use to create each piece had a life and a legacy of their own well before reaching my hands just as these organic pieces had a past life of their own. Mother Nature’s fossilized imprint of the past left behind for me to create my imprint for the future. I am awed and inspired by nature’s rejuvenation of beauty and showcase her stunning organic materials in my designs.

My passion for jewelry design leads me to carry on the torch passed on to me by a former grandfather figure from my childhood. I design and create jewelry to be worn on the outside but with the idea in mind that it’s meant to accessorize a woman’s inner beauty. A true organic beauty hidden within and ready to be discovered like a fossil.

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