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Making small cameos with CopprClay

Using some buttons and plastic reproduction cameos that I've got in my collection, I experimented with making some little copper replicas from CopprClay.  They were very easy to make, because I wasn't trying to get a smooth perfect edge or finish on them...I wanted them kind of rough and heavily patinated.

1. Using the usual selection of tools, plus some polymer clay for mold making, I followed the instructions that I had learned before for working with and firing the CopprClay. 

2. Once they were fired, I used the patina technique discussed previously. 

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They came out beautifully! You must be pleased. I hesitate to work with PMC because of the cost.
Cyndi L said…
I really like both the copper and the bronze. Not only are they easier (for me) to work with, but they are much less expensive than the silver or the gold.