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Results: What's the best thing you've made this summer

The answers are in, and the results are spectacular!  It's never too late for you to join in if you'd like...just visit the Beading Arts Forum and post your picture and links.

by Casey Sharpe 

by Maria Nyberg

by Heather Pyle


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Cyndi, I love your new Beading Forum!

I'm telling all my beading friends to help get the word out.

There are some fantastic creations there already.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks! I just thought it would be nice for people to be able to post their own links and pictures there :-)
heather said…
Thank you Cyndi for offering this forum!! It's fun to share my work with the world.
Cyndi L said…
Red Poppies is just such a breath of fresh air, unique!