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More fabulous metal clay artists from the archives

Barbar Daoust likes to share her upbeat take on life with all who come in contact with her.  Heartbreak in her own life led her to look for the type of healing that would transform her own life, and the lives of others.  PMC is one of the media that Barbara uses to spread her message.

Big Swirl Heart, shown above, is a hollow form with a ruby and garnet dangles. The intention for this piece is Room for Love. The spirals represent the unlimited possibilities where love can show up. We are living in a spiral universe and all things are possible.

JJ Singh is a metal clay artist based in Northern Virginia.  She creates gorgeous pieces that she says are all about the passion!  Couldn’t we all use more passion in our lives?  Well, JJ is inspired by those who enjoy boldly proclaiming who they are and who make no apologies for it.  Just look at this beautiful pieces above from the St Sophia collection! 

Just look at the detail on this piece! Maureen and Rebecca Worth of Sylvan Spirit , a mother-daughter team, create their botanical jewelry designs with Precious Metal Clay. Without the use of molds, flowers and leaves are sculpted in fine silver, bronze or 24k PMC.  The rich tones of silver and gold are softened with veined textures and gentle curves and then enhanced with pearls, crystals, or semi-precious stones.  Collections of jewelry accessories and headpieces are available in upscale boutiques, museum gifts shops, galleries, and Saks Fifth Avenue bridal suites.

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