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Metal clay resources and books

Metal clay resources
A list I compiled a couple of years ago with some great great links to online help

Making your own beads
In the middle of this list is a section on PMC with several wonderful beginner books listed

Metal Clay Beads by Barbara Becker Simon
A highly rated book by a highly rated author

Pure Silver Metal Clay Beads by Linda Kaye-Moses
Wonderful step-by-step projects

Enameling on Metal Clay by Pam East
Learn how to add a whole new dimension of color to your metal clay projects

Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry by Sherri Haab
How to combine this magical material with everything from resin and concrete to fibers and polymer clay

Picture Yourself Creating Metal Clay Jewelry by Tammy Powley
Disclaimer: one of my projects is in this book, so of course I'm biased. I also think it is an excellent beginner's book which will answer practically any question you have about working with low-fire silver clay...a huge bonus if you don't have a kiln!

Silver and Bronze Clay by Hadar Jacobson
A wonderfully inspiring book from one of the pioneers of BronzClay work

Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry by Kate McKinnon
An amazing book by a master jeweler

Bronze Metal Clay by Yvonne Padilla
A technique and project book for beginners

Getting started with BronzClay
A YouTube video that will show you what you need to know

BronzClay Flickr pool
Be inspired, and share your own work

Metal Clay Today
An online magazine with featured artists and all kinds of great tips

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