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Question of the month: What's the best thing you've made so far this summer?

Last year, the Question of the Month that got the most enthusiastic response was this one: What's the best thing you've made so far this summer? So, anybody want to play show and tell again? Wire work, seed beads, lampwork, fused glass, polymer clay, metal or metal clay...we love it all here, and we get enthusiastic about seeing all of it! So come on, don't be shy.

And I've got a brand new way for you to share your favorite pieces with each other!  I set up a Beading Arts Community page where you can directly upload a picture of your piece or simply leave a link to where we can see it!  I'm very excited about this new feature and am hoping that some of you will help me to try it out.  Leave a link to your site or blog, of course, because I'm sure you've got more goodies that we'll want to ooooh and aaaaah over too ;-)

If you don't want to post your picture there, you can just send me an email with an image of your favorite summertime creation so far and anything you want to say about it, and I'll post it here with a link to your site or blog :-) Email cyndi @ (remove the spaces) with the subject line "my favorite jewelry or beading project"!

There's my fave so far, up at the top.

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Tara P. said…
Oh, sadly I haven't made a single thing yet this summer. I've been working 60 hours a week. I keep right on buying beads, though!
Cyndi L said…
That's ok, Tara! Go and post a picture of the last thing you made that you really loved...we want to see it anyway :-)