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Metal clay artist: Michelle Loon

Big Wheel Bike

Artist: Michelle Loon
Blog: Soaring off the Sketchbook

I envision "art" as a single physical presence. One that has its own gravitational orbit I can't escape from. It is always there, waiting to draw me back in. Reading, talking to people, and seeing things that make me wonder, "how did they do that?” sparks my imagination. Sometimes an idea is so powerful it seems it could be physically touched. Sketching helps in tackling such ideas until I am able to bring it into being, releasing my mind for a new obsession.


I love that metal clay is a blend of sculpting, traditional metal techniques and something close to magic when it is fired from a clay state to solid metal.  The new discoveries and experiments combining different types of metal are fascinating. With metal clay, there is always something new to explore and learn.


Creating fantastical wearable sculptures fulfills my desire to escape into a land of play. Current themes involve critters, moving parts, and mixed media with wine cork. I look forward to learning more traditional metal techniques, teaching and hopefully bringing as many friends along on this art ride as I can – the more the merrier!

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