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Jewelry business & finance

Why am I devoting so many posts to business topics this spring and summer? Well, my theory is that when the economy doesn't favor a lot of discretionary spending, that's exactly the right time to fine tune everything about our businesses, from our designs and lines to our knowledge of sales and marketing, and with some basic business and financial topics thrown in as well. Use the down time to your advantage and you'll be way ahead of the game when the conditions improve!

So here are some more fabulous artists and business people that you can learn from!

On The Land of Odds, Warren S Feld encourages us to Think Through Your Business Model. As with everything else in business, he warns us that business models can not be static, because you business itself will always be changing.

On the Art Biz Blog, Alyson B Stanfield has posted two articles on getting your financial house in order: 8 Ways to be more financially savvy, with the follow-up 10 financial homework assignments.

And if you haven't started a jewelry business yet but you are thinking hard about it, make sure you start off right. Laura Kay discussed the things you should think about before you take the plunge, and Tammy Powley has lots of great advice to make sure you do it legally.

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You're absolutely right, Cyndi. It's difficult economic times that force us to look very carefully at how we run our businesses. I guess that's the proverbial silver lining.

Great resources. Thank you.
Cyndi L said…
It's too easy (for me anyway) during flush times to get a bit spendy. Time to mend my wicked ways ;-)