Friday, August 20, 2010

"Dimensional Beading" is available for download!

The third chapter of Every Bead Has a Story - mixed media bead embroidery has launched! 

Chapter Three, Dimensional Beading, is 93 pages long and covers more stitches and techniques to take your bead embroidery from flat to fluffy: stacked stitches that turn into clusters, barnacles, and ruffles; seed beads that become small flowers and spiral elements; bezels and bails and more!  There are two step-by-step embroidery projects included that will put those techniques to excellent use.

Chapter Three: Dimensional Beading
Price $3

Here are some examples of the step-by-step techniques and projects that are included:

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Cherie said...

Gorgeous pictures~! Your book looks great and I hope a lot of people take advantage of your expertise.

Cyndi L said...

Thank you, Cherie :-)

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