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Metal clay artist: Shahasp Valentine

I received some images from one of the true masters of Precious Metal Clay.  Shahasp Valentine has been creating jewelry since before her first formal jewelry class at the age of thirteen, professionally since 1993 and working with Precious Metal Clay since 1999. Her work with PMC has been recognized in books and magazines, on television and has been featured in numerous gallery shows.

Shahasp’s Modern Artifacts Collection is a historically inspired collection. The designs are based on great jewels of the past, places visited, architectural details, stained glass windows of great cathedrals and elements taken from virtually every period of history. This collection is intended to appear ancient as if the jewelry has been excavated from an archaeological dig, found in a sunken treasure chest or handed down for generations. Each piece is of fine silver and/or 24-karat gold Precious Metal Clay and signed and numbered by the artist, no two are alike.

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Robbie said…
Beautiful pieces! what talent!