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Yay for Terry!!

Terry, at  Wired 4 Style wrote:

Cyndi, the Cabs on the link are fabulous! I had to look at them all.
I'm a sucker for the Labradorite and the beautiful fire Agate. They are all wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

She won the fantastic Kingman Turquoise cabochon pictured above, from Cabbing Rough

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cabbingrough said…
I'm so excited there is a winner!

Thank you so very much Cyndi for running this giveaway on your blog. It's been such a pleasure, we are honored to have been a part of this!
Cyndi L said…
This is one of the most exciting giveaways we've ever been able to offer! My readers and I thank you so much for making it available :-)
Terry Pugh said…
OMG! This is great news!!! I am so excited and anxious to see the Cab. It is just gorgeous! A thank you Cyndi for your kindness and wonderful blog. I also thank Cabbing Rough for making this give away possible. All of their cabs are so beautiful. I will add their link to my blog page, as well.
Many blessings,